Street Poet
In underground clubs around the country, men and women poets meet and go to war using their minds and words instead of fists to battle for love, respect and redemption.
STARRING: C. Thomas Howell (Soul Man, The Outsiders), Fred Willard (Anchorman, Best In Show) , Fred Williamson (Starsky & Hutch), Eddie Albert (Power Rangers), Michael Parks (Kill Bill Vol I & II)
DIRECTED BY: Paul Eric Jones
PRODUCED BY: Robert Hayes
GENRE(S): Romantic Drama, Drama
RUNTIME: (87 Min)
YEAR: 2010
Street Poet
In underground clubs around the country men and women go to war without bloodshed. Using their minds these gifted warriors fight each other through words and music until the top dog rises leaving behind a trail of bodies.

One night during one of his rants, JAKE THOMPSON is discovered by an attractive publisher, but life isn’t what it seems.  While Jake thinks he’s got it made, he quickly falls into a violent tug of war between his new love, the streets and his arch rival, who intends to destroy him.
Street Poet


Kevin Thomas - LA Times
"...Truly beautiful..."
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Kevin Thomas - LA Times
"An ENGROSSING tale about a surprisingly cutthroat world..."
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Brent Simon - LA Weekly
"Fresh, contemporary..."
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Craig D. Lindsey - Raleigh News & Observer
"...Eloquent and profound..."
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