Blood Bullets Buffoons
Natasha (Amy Lunn Baxter) is the drop dead sexy leader of a fearsome Russian crime gang. Setting her slacker boyfriend Jack (Zachary Winston Snygg) up to take the rap for a botched drug deal, Natasha underestimates her old flame and figures she'll get off without a hitch. Unfortunately for Natasha, it appears as if she has underestimated Jack's determination and is shocked to learn that he has made a daring prison break. Hot on Natasha's trail and thirsting for revenge despite his unyielding desire for his malicious ex, Jack tracks her through the sordid underworld; what will happen when he actually finds her is anyone's guess.
STARRING: Zachary Winston Snygg, Amy Lynn Baxter, Carl Burrows, Paul Darrigo, Jessica English, Spencer Snygg, Zachary Winston Snygg Directed by: Zachary Winston Snygg Produced by: Zachary Winston Snygg and Spencer Snygg Associate Producer: Michael Raso
DIRECTED BY: Zachary Winston Snygg
PRODUCED BY: Spencer Snygg, Zachary Winston Snygg
WRITTEN BY: Zachary Winston Snygg
GENRE(S): Action, Comedy
RUNTIME: (90 Min)
YEAR: 1996
Blood Bullets Buffoons
Blood Bullets Buffoons
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Dubbed Versions: English

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