Flight 313: The Conspiracy
Directed and produced by a former British Airways pilot and based on his own experiences, Flight 313 offers a inside--and often disturbing--look into an airline industry cover-up that places profits over passenger and pilot safety. Once you watch this film, you'll never view flying the same way again!
STARRING: Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Stephen Tompkinson (Wild at Heart), Georgina Sutcliffe (The Song of Lurch), Nicholas Day (The Wolfman), Mark Dymond (Die Another Day)
DIRECTED BY: Tristan Loraine
PRODUCED BY: Tristan Loraine
GENRE(S): Thriller
RUNTIME: (102 Min)
YEAR: 2016
Flight 313: The Conspiracy
When an air traffic controller (TJ Herbert, The Cutting Room) is suspended following a serious in-flight incident, his journalist wife Helen (Georgina Sutcliffe, Age of Heroes) suspects that there’s a deeper angle to the story. With the aid of a reporter colleague (Rita Ramnani, The Hunt for Gollum), Helen embarks on an investigative journey that leads to JaspAir Airlines…and reveals a disturbing succession of cover-ups regarding air quality on flights dating back to 1954. JaspAir owner Sir Charles Jaspar (Nicholas Day, The Wolfman) has tasked his company’s CEO (Mark Dymond, Die Another Day) with keeping his business and his wife Maggie (Marina Sirtis, Star Trek: The Next Generation) out of the impending media storm by any means necessary. But with pilots and passengers at risk, Helen and Natasha risk their jobs, reputations, personal relationships and safety to expose the truth behind Flight 313.
Flight 313: The Conspiracy
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