Laura's Toys
A sudden blooming attraction to the naive Anna convinces Laura that she must teach her husband's lover all she needs to know about forbidden female pleasures.
STARRING: Rebecca Brooke, Eric Edwards, Katja Von Graff, Håkan Sjöberg, Anna Haarla, Anita Redling, Anita Eriksson
DIRECTED BY: Joseph W. Sarno
PRODUCED BY: Lasse Westfelt
WRITTEN BY: Joseph W. Sarno
GENRE(S): Erotic, Drama
RUNTIME: (103 Min)
YEAR: 1975
Laura's Toys
Laura and her husband Walter, an archaeologist, are spending a working summer on a small island off the Swedish mainland. Walter is searching for traces of a prior civilization that inhabited the area, and he and his sultry assistant Anna are making little progress…that is until professor and student decide to dig a little deeper and discover one another – several times over. Although Laura catches their affair in full view, she has other thoughts on her mind that might lead her body and sensual passions astray. Her long-time friend Hanni – an exquisite nymph with whom she shared every conceivable encounter when the two of them went to school together – is visiting the mainland, and a rekindling of orgiastic ecstasy easily awaits. But a sudden blooming attraction to the naïve, buttoned-up Anna convinces Laura that she must teach her husband’s lover all she needs to know about forbidden female pleasures. As the eroticism reaches a fever pitch, Anna, Laura, Walter and Hanni must question their consciences and choose sides, or throw propriety to the wind and indulge in one last mind-bending group effort.
Laura's Toys
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