Skin in the Fifties
Secret Key Motion Pictures presents Skin In The Fifties – a deluxe DVD collection of rare bump’n’grind nudie movies from the buttoned-up and conservative 1950s. The Flesh Merchant is a “lost” sexploitation classic from 1956 seeing its first ever restored version release. Director W. Merle Connell is best known for the 1952 sci-fi girly film Untamed Woman. The Flesh Merchant and Skin In The Fifties: The Loop Collection are all re-mastered from newly discovered film elements.
GENRE(S): Erotic

YEAR: 1956
Skin in the Fifties
Nancy arrives in Tinseltown in the hopes of becoming a ‘model’ like her big sister Paula, and she is drawn into the various rackets that await ambitious young women who show up in the Big City penniless and naive. First, a modeling job requires Nancy to work au naturel; then she is offered a position as a ‘hostess’ at a swank country club bordello run by the nefarious Mr. Sokol and his sleazy lackey Perini. Discovering that she can trade her tender young body for jewelry and furs, Nancy settles into the life of a kept woman. When her sister Paula – herself a seasoned harlot – discovers that Nancy has fallen into the same lifestyle, she warns her of the fate that awaits washed-up hookers. In the scene-stealing climax, the two sisters turn against flesh merchant Sokel in a furious ending that shocked ‘50s audiences.
Skin in the Fifties
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