Aldabra: Once Upon An Island
This wonderfully entertaining 3D Family Theatrical Feature Film takes you on an awe-inspiring journey to a mysterious coral island to witness nature as it was 5000 years ago. Meet the wondrous creatures that inhabit this atoll, create communities, give birth to young and struggle for their survival before it vanishes into the sea.
STARRING: Pierce Brosnan not only narrates but plays all the characters: Flightless Birds, Ferocious Sharks, Giant Turtles, Climbing Crabs, a Steadfast Grouper, and more!
DIRECTED BY: Steve Lichtag
PRODUCED BY: Petr Keller, Robert Schneider
GENRE(S): Nature, Ecology, 3D, 4K, * New Releases
RUNTIME: (73 Min)
YEAR: 2016
Aldabra: Once Upon An Island
Imagine an island that rises from the depths of the ocean only to be swallowed by the sea again. Imagine a journey to this extraordinary island, untouched by human hand - inaccessible, inhospitable, yet bursting with amazing stories. Giant land tortoises swim for their lives through shark infested waters. Turtle hatchlings make a dash for the open sea. The world´s largest terrestrial crabs scale palm trees to harvest coconuts. Flightless birds still share the extinct dodo’s belief that they have no predators and bully the locals. A giant grouper guards a shipwreck against all intruders. The most ferocious tides in the world carve gravity-defying sculptures out of coral and limestone. All of these awe-inspiring creatures co-exist on the world’s second largest coral atoll as it was 5,000 years ago before it vanishes beneath the waves as it has on at least six occasions in the past.

Aldabra: Once Upon An Island
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Lise Romanoff and Adam Wright
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