True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit
Board Certified Naturopath, Dr. Karlfeldt, demystifies eastern medicinal techniques and hosts discussions with experts on many hot topics in medicine today. Bringing holistic awareness and offering an all-encompassing look at how we can live our healthiest life from the inside out!
STARRING: Hosted by Dr. Michael Karlfeldt and featuring interviews with: Joe Estevez, Betty Bridges, Lawrence Smith and more!
PRODUCED BY: Catrine McGregor
GENRE(S): Documentary, * New Releases
RUNTIME: (26 x 30 hr)
YEAR: 2016
True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit

Hosted by Dr. Karlfeldt, a Board Certified Naturopath with over 25 years clinical experience, this series demystifies eastern medicinal techniques and brings holistic awareness, offering an all-encompassing look at how to live a healthy and joyful life from the inside out. The first season tackles many hot and unconventional health topics such as: the use of Medical Cannabis, revealing the truth behind vaccines, the power of Pranic Healing, energy healing through Reiki and the power of Chinese Medicine. The show is packed with celebrity interviews discussing their real life trials; Joe Estevez talks about his struggle with alcohol abuse, Betty Bridges discusses helping her son quit drugs and Larry Thomas, Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi is featured!

Season 1:

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0100   
How to ‘shop smart’, debunking the myth of calcium and an interview with Joe Estevez about his struggle with alcohol abuse. 

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0101
Dangers of low fat foods, healing chronic illness through diet and the new miracle drug, cannabis.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0102
Featuring numerous celebrity interviews including actress Betty Bridges, who reveals how her famous son, Todd Bridges, overcame his addiction to drugs.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0103
Erasing headaches through chiropractic techniques.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0104
Preventative hair loss techniques, and a revelation explaining one of the most important things you can do for your health.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0105
The fails of modern medicine, how to end heartburn, plus new and improved weightlifting techniques.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0106
One of the most important habits to adopt for life, mineral deficiencies and an interview with Lawrence Smith.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0107
How to eat healthy at a sports bar and a life changing interview with a Kaballisttic healer

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0108
The joys of healthy cooking plus a heartfelt interview with Larry Thomas, the one and only 'Soup Nazi' ! 

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0109
Lyme disease and why it is often misdiagnosed, Healthy 'game time' snacks plus an expert interview revealing the truth behind vaccinations.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0110
Preparing a delicious and healthy Mexican feat, quick and effective 'kitchen counter' exercises and the power of Pranic Healing.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0111
How to live healthy in a big city, healthy snacking and an eye opening interview with a chinese American herbalist.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0112
Energy healing using Reiki, healthy benefits of chocolate and a fun demonstration of how to prepare healthy desserts.

Season 2:

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0200 
Pain elimination done through ultrasound and electric pulse therapy, plus an interview with a Native American Shaman discussing incredible healing techniques.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0201
How to create the world you want to live in and interview with Glenn Morshower about his take on life and keeping it positive.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0202
How to avoid carcinogens while barbecuing, how to change your life through Transcendental Meditation techniques.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0203
How our children view healthy living and eating plus coaching for at-home and water births.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0204
Sugar cravings are examined, the best healthy grocery shopping tips: buy whole-food, shop the outer parameters of a grocery store & avoid hormone laden meat.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0205
The importance of Vitamin D and best ways to receive the essential nutritional component, plus healing powers of chiropractic care are examined.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0206
The importance nutrition plays in eliminating psoriasis, how smoking affects the body and the latest methods of improving the lives of cancer patients.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0207
Prominent questions on the increase in autism are answered, a pet psychic explains the best communication methods for human-animal connection and a backyard beekeeper warns about the dangers of the decreasing bee population.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0208
The connection between heavy metals and the allusive diagnosis of fibromyalgia, how to keep your skin healthy and  alternatives to toxic bug sprays.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0209
How to use oil pulling and other Ayurvedic techniques to eliminate toxins, the importance of healthy fats and the need for exercise for our physical and emotional well being.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0210
Women's health 101: everything you need to know about menstruation, menopause and hormone treatments. Plus, how to kick a sugar addiction, how a raw diet can benefit our bodies and the effect of 'processing' on the structure of food.

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0211
Discussing the grief of losing a child, why consuming grapefruit along with certain medications is not recommended and satisfying pregnancy cravings with healthy alternatives!

True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit_Eps0212
Maintaining your health in your 60s, common questions about hormones, menopause, postpartum depression and lowering cholesterol are answered.



True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit
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