SSI: Sexy Squad Investigation
New York City. Detective John Honeysuckle is a troubled cop struggling in his duties as top dog at the city's toughest unit, SSI. The department was set up to enforce the President's extreme "Illicit Sex" bill, which would make pre-marital sex punishable by life behind bars.
STARRING: AJ Khan, Andy Alfrick, Susie Best, Frank Bowdler, McKenzie Matthews, John Fedele
DIRECTED BY: Thomas J. Moose
PRODUCED BY: Thomas J. Moose
GENRE(S): Erotic, Comedy

YEAR: 2006
SSI: Sexy Squad Investigation
When the scene of the crime has your jaw dropping from steamy felonious activity, it's time for the SSI: Sexy Squad Investigation forensics team to uncover the clues, crack the case and nail the perpetrators. Seduction Cinema's hottest new spoof takes you deep into the sordid world of sensual wrongdoing and the courageous men and women of law enforcement who bring hardened criminals to justice.
SSI: Sexy Squad Investigation
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Color, 1.78:1
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