Olivia Experiment
A young women is forced into confronting her own sexual issues when her best friend and roommate announces he is gay. With the encouragement of her friends she decides to go digital with her journey as she discovers her own sexual identity.
STARRING: Skye Noel (Waterboy), Jen Lilley (The Artist), Brett Baumayr, Kyle S. More and Dan Gordon
DIRECTED BY: Sonja Schenk
PRODUCED BY: Alexandra Komisaruk, Sonja Schenk
GENRE(S): Comedy, Teen
RUNTIME: (90 Min)
YEAR: 2013
Olivia Experiment
Olivia Howell is a modern day woman - brilliant, educated, funny, but with a secret. Turns out this 27-year-old graduate student thinks her sexual ambivalence might actually be a sign that she is - asexual.  Her world is turned upside down and she must confront her own issues when her best friend and roommate announces he is gay!

With encouragement from her friends and help from the digital age, Olivia embarks on a quest of exploration to understand the mystery of sex.
Olivia Experiment
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