Vampire's Seduction
Wally Van Helsing attempts to put an end to Mistress Dracula's unearthly lust for female flesh and bring honor to the Van Helsing name.
STARRING: Tina Krause, Paige Turner, Kiki Michaels
DIRECTED BY: John Bacchus
PRODUCED BY: Michael Raso
WRITTEN BY: John Bacchus
GENRE(S): Erotic, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
RUNTIME: (55 Min)
YEAR: 1977
Vampire's Seduction
Hunted down by Dracula’s daughter and promised a taste of her profane, yet ample charms, Wally Van Helsing is seduced into becoming a mindless servant that seeks out delectable women to deliver to her lair. But Wally is side-tracked by his voyeuristic activities, eavesdropping on ultra-arousing lesbian encounters including an intimate schoolgirl menage-a-trois, a psychiatrist living out a torrid fantasy with her female patient, and a wet-n-steamy shower scene with a hot lotion massage. Each time he is punished by Dracula’s daughter, and only after a spectral visitation from his great-great-grandfather does Wally attempt to put an end to her unearthly lust for female flesh and bring honor once more to the Van Helsing name.
Vampire's Seduction
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