Master Demon
Centuries ago, a severed, demonic hand is hidden in a Shaolin Temple to snuff its deadly fury. When the remains of the hand are stolen, the stage is set for a climactic martial arts battle.
STARRING: Eric Lee (Fists of Iron, Blood Sport), Sid Campbell, Steve Nave, Ava Cadell
DIRECTED BY: Samuel Oldham
GENRE(S): Action, Martial Arts
RUNTIME: (96 Min)
YEAR: 1996
Master Demon
The movie opens in ancient times when a warrior Tong Lee (Eric Lee - Ring of Fire) is fighting against the Master Demon (Gerald Okamura - Big Trouble in Little China), who stabs Tong Lee, but the warrior manages to kill him and make off his his dismembered hand to a Shaolin temple, where the monks put some sort of seal on it, to prevent him from rising again.

A thief steals the box where the Demon's hand is sealed, and someone conjures up a Demon woman named Medusa, who kills everyone in her path to get the box, until it lands in the hands of a chap named Campbell, a private detective. Campbell's flat gets overrun with Ninja as Medusa releases the hand. When the remains of the hand are stolen, the stage is set for a climactic martial arts battle.
Master Demon
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Master Format: SD

Dubbed Versions: Spanish (N)

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Lise Romanoff and Adam Wright
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