Bloodline: Now or Never
In a world where the price of a rhino horn is higher than cocaine, a determined Special Forces captain and anti-poaching crusader goes on a savage rampage to avenge his murdered partner and stop criminal networks from trafficking endangered wildlife.
STARRING: Rocky Myers (Cyborg X), Erin Ross (Catching Faith), Erica Wessels (Primeval) and introducing Tariku Bogale
DIRECTED BY: Darrell Roodt
PRODUCED BY: Tariku Bogale
GENRE(S): Action, True Story, * New Releases
RUNTIME: (90 Min)
YEAR: 2017
Bloodline: Now or Never
In a world where the price of a rhino horn is higher than cocaine, Gabriel (Tariku Bogale, 4 Minutes), a determined Special-forces Captain has dedicated his life to defending wildlife against illegal poachers. When a criminal network attacks his South African sanctuary, brutally slaughtering the young rhino and killing his girlfriend (Erin Ross, NCIS, Scandal), Gabriel embarks on a savage rampage to avenge her death. His quest puts him at odds with an eccentric billionaire using the lucrative trade to finance terrorists and two investigators determined to stop the heinous crimes (Rocky Myers, Cyborg X; Erica Wessels, Primeval). Despite the mounting danger, Gabriel will not forfeit his vigilante mission until justice is served.
Bloodline: Now or Never
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Lise Romanoff and Adam Wright
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