Girl Who Shagged Me
In prehistoric times there existed a supernatural, sexually-charged cavewoman whose attraction to females was so hot that it halted the Ice Age. She was the first lesbian - the legendary Goddess of Lust (Anoushka) - and her erotic appetite can once again bring the world to its knees.
STARRING: Andy Sawyer, Thomas J. Moose, Misty Mundae, Rachel Travers, Rob Taylor, Adrian Ottiwell, Johnny Mango, Frank Bowdler, A.J. Khan
DIRECTED BY: Thomas J. Moose
PRODUCED BY: Andy Sawyer, Thomas J. Moose
WRITTEN BY: Andy Sawyer
GENRE(S): Action, Comedy, Erotic
RUNTIME: (70 Min)
YEAR: 2005
Girl Who Shagged Me
When the Goddess’ frozen body is stolen from modern-day adventurer and archaeologist Captain Waldo Lavish, it is up to super-sexy Super-Secret Agent Johnson (Misty Mundae in a dual role!) to track her down before it’s too late. Sinister Dr. Unsound and his delectable henchwoman (Rachel Travers) are responsible for the theft, and they thaw the Goddess to a luscious perfection. Freed from her icy tomb and ready for steamy action, the Goddess unleashes her powers leaving a trail of sensual exhilaration in her wake. But Agent Johnson’s keen mind and able body is more than up to the task, and she will go farther than she’s ever gone before in service to her country…and her own insatiable desires.
Girl Who Shagged Me
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