Effects of Magic, The
An old magician’s box, a broken heart, and a talking rabbit help a father and son reunite.
STARRING: Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds), Melinda Dillion (Prince of Tides), Jacobo Morales (Bananas), David Carradine (Kung Fu), Kathy Bates (Misery)
DIRECTED BY: Charlie Martinez
PRODUCED BY: Charlie Martinez
GENRE(S): Family, Drama, Romantic Drama
RUNTIME: (87 Min)
YEAR: 2001
Effects of Magic, The

Once upon a time … ROODY, the heir apparent to a legendary family of stage magicians, was betrayed by his gambler father and never utilized his amazing talents.  He was stuck running the business he founded with his mother – ROODY’S COSTUMES, a Halloween Company.  He made piles of money and was very unhappy.  And he wasn’t the only one.  RAPHAELLA, his magic bunny (from a long line of magic bunnies) was unhappy too and she had other plans for the two of them.

Raphaella wanted to get Roody back on track and make him the magician he was always meant to be.  So with the help of the Internet (who can tell if you’re a bunny in a chat room?) she sets her plan in motion, enlisting the help of CHARLOTTE, a cute but confused real estate agent who, in Raphaella’s opinion, would make a really swell magician’s assistant.  But Raphaella’s plans soon run afoul of Roody’s past …

One night as Roody is standing on his balcony, a mysterious symbol from his past magically flies into his hands -- The Ace of Hearts.  Roody is plunged back into a series of events from his childhood:  his father RODOLFO THE WONDEROUS, was a stage magician whose act featured a magic cabinet.  In the tragic aftermath of a game of poker, the cabinet was lost to a nasty character named MR. GOUGH (rhymes with cough) and Rodolfo vanished from Roody’s life.

Rodolfo’s legacy to Roody was the secret “effects of magic” that he taught him as a boy: Vanish…Transformation…Penetration.
Full of foreboding, Roody asks the head of security for his company, the intense and paranoid Pruitt, to investigate. This definitely wasn’t in Raphaella’s plan…but things are about to get much worse.

Roody decides to go AWOL from work and take Charlotte, the real estate agent, who mistakenly believes she’s been assigned to see Roody’s house (Raphaella can be awfully persuasive in a chat room) and Vera, the nosy neighbor kid from next door, on a tour of his oversize mansion and secret basement magic room – an incredible theatre of historic magic artifacts. But MOM is worried.  Roody’s a no-show at work and it’s only two weeks until Halloween!  Accompanied by Roody’s caustic assistant, ZEBRAH (Pruitt’s heartthrob), Mom heads out to check up on her child.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gough has tracked down Rodolfo to a rundown circus in Mexico.  Gough is furious.  After all these years, he has never figured out the secret to the cabinet, although he knows it contains incredible powers.  The way he sees it, he’s been swindled.  Always one to have an extra ace up his sleeve Rodolfo confesses that the secret to the cabinet is in Roody’s possession and it can be had – for a price.
Effects of Magic, The
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