A tribute to a group of legendary comedians, comedy writers and directors that have been meeting every other Wednesday for the past 40 years. Join them, share in their insight, laugh at their jokes and learn from their wisdom.
STARRING: Legendary Comedy Writers and Directors: Sid Ceasar, Carl Reiner, Gary Owens, Hal Kanter, Monty Hall, Arthur Hiller, Austin "Rocky" Kalish and more.
DIRECTED BY: Donna Kanter
PRODUCED BY: Donna Kanter
GENRE(S): Lifestyle
RUNTIME: (78 Min)
YEAR: 2012
LUNCH describes more than a single meal. At each, their perceptive comments are sharp and brilliant. But their meetings mean more to them than affable, professional companionship; rather, a need to keep wit and wisdom alive and well. These are the fabled guys that made America funny.

Filmmaker Donna Kanter (daughter of the late comedy writer Hal Kanter) circles the lunch table to capture the priceless camaraderie of these funnymen, as well as one-on-one interviews that fill in their remarkable biographies.

An ode to the Golden Age of film and television, this fly-on-the-wall comedy feast provides glimpses of astounding careers that span the eras of American comedy heritage. LUNCH is a testament to natural wit, earned wisdom, longevity, and fraternal fellowship.


Nov 08, 2012
Jeannette Catsoulis - New York Times
"It’s all knishes and kibitzing in “Lunch,” Donna Kanter’s charming documentary about a Hollywood institution more enduring than most sitcoms."
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Sep 09, 2012
Susan King - Los Angeles Times
"it's as if you have stepped into a scene in a Robert Altman movie..."
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Judge's Comments - Los Angeles Press Club
“’Lunch’ should be consumed ravenously. There’s enough wisdom, laughter and comedic insight to satisfy any appetite. The Heavyweights at this 40 year-old gathering at Factory's Deli include Carl Reiner, Sid Caesar, Arthur Hiller and Hal Kanter - among other comedy-genius regulars. Inspiration comes with pickles, coleslaw and tongue!”
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