Gang Land
When the underground Gangs of Hollywood start encroaching into enemy territory, loyalty is decided by the color of your skin, pain is part of growing up and violence and mayhem rule.
STARRING: Angela Jones (Man on the Moon, Pulp Fiction), Damon Jones (Reno 911), Joe Wood (lead singer of TSOL, American Hardcore)
DIRECTED BY: Randolph Kret
PRODUCED BY: Shaun Hill, Vince Rotonda
GENRE(S): Action, Urban
RUNTIME: (97 Min)
YEAR: 2010
Gang Land
In the City of Angels there exists an entire world beneath Hollywood – the Gangs.  When the Bloods and Salvadorians start encroaching into their neighborhood, the local gang fights back.  But as the violence escalates innocent by-standers start to become the victims.

One unlucky night a mixed race couple wanders into the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time and pay the ultimate price.  Now the victim becomes the hunter as one man journeys into the violent and unforgiving underbelly of Los Angeles and rips open the wounds where loyalty is decided by the color of your skin, where pain is part of growing up and violence and mayhem rule.

Can he survive or will he become just another statistic?
Gang Land


Robert Ebert - Chicago Sun Times
"This is the real thing"
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Kevin Thomas - LA Times
"A volatile picture of strong visceral impact"
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Bill Gibron - DVD Talk.com
“Gangland’ should be commended. It's not every film with such an unblinking eye toward realism and authenticity. Clearly, the writer/director knows his material… As an artist, he clearly has the chops and Danny Trejo is always menacing.”
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- Movie Maker Magazine
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Kevin Cortez - Half-Channel.com
“Gangland depicts gang life almost perfectly. I actually felt a bit uneasy while watching Gangland, which I think is a very powerful and brutal way of showing attitude of gang violence. They didn’t sugarcoat shit. Gangland has some awfully powerful imagery.”
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Andre Manseau - JoBlo.com
“Whoo. This was not your average film, but I'll tell you that Gangland is some heavy duty sh*t that will stick with you for awhile. It's not just your average revenge plot because it deals heavily with a serious issue of real hate that takes place even today, which is unfathomable. The film remains poignant, honest and brutal.”
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