Fastest Female
A Reality Series themed around a competition to find the most fearless heroine of the future. Challenges consisting of women with enough skills to handle some of the most exotic vehicles, the competition has enough adrenaline to laugh speed in the face. Contestants share living quarters as they train and compete in speed driven challenges taking place on both land and water. As the competition progresses from physical prowess to exotic vehicles, contestants’ stamina will be put to the test with eliminations towards the path to claim the title “Fastest Female” and the most fearless heroine for the future.
STARRING: Stephanie Gerard, and Siggy Jackson
DIRECTED BY: Joseph Manes
PRODUCED BY: David Simmons
GENRE(S): TV Series, * New Releases
RUNTIME: (Pilot)
YEAR: 2016
Fastest Female

Fastest Female
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Lise Romanoff and Adam Wright
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