Suburban Secrets
Laura a woman that desired by many people and a famous nude model in New York was living her life perfectly until she received a phone call from her sister Winnifred telling her that her ex-boyfriend Nelson is having an strong affair with their aunt Cynthia. Laura return to her hometown to her sister and her aunt where she find herself in a very confusing position because she began to love Nelson again but she don't want to ruin the relationship between her aunt and Nelson. Nelson also found himself in a confusing position because there is a sexual relationship going on between him and his sister Judith but he didn't want to loose Cynthia. Winnifred's friend Louise want to write a novel about their personal lives but Winnifred want to stop her to save her family's privacy.
STARRING: Isadora Edison, Andrea Davis, Chelsea Mundae, A.J. Khan, Tina Tyler, Kay Kirtland, John Samuel Jordan, Brian Johnson, John Fedele, Justin Wingenfeld, Bennigan Feeney, Tom Cikoski
DIRECTED BY: Joseph W. Sarno
PRODUCED BY: Michael Raso
WRITTEN BY: Joseph W. Sarno
GENRE(S): Romantic Drama, Erotic
RUNTIME: (83 Min)
YEAR: 2004
Suburban Secrets
Laura is a young, voluptuous nude model living fast and loose in New York City. The discovery that an ex-lover, nelson, is having an affair with her aunt Cynthia becomes the perfect alibi that sends Laura back to her suburban hometown to stir up the status quo. Laura's return and her known penchant for sexual experimentation ignite the passions and thinly concealed jealousies that smolder amongst her family members, friends and associates. A quadrangle of uninhibited lust and taboo desires made flesh quickly develops between Laura, Nelson, Cynthia and nelson's sister, Judith, a high-powered lawyer with an unwholesome hold on her brother. Despite the threat of a tell-all expose detailing the town's sordid sex scandal, what goes on behind closed doors will be more shocking than ever thanks to everyone's lust for Laura.
Suburban Secrets
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Color, 1.85:1
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