Daddy Darling
A young Danish girl seduces everything in sight after daddy refuses her naughty come-ons. She has a lesbian affair with her teacher, and pretends that her teenage boyfriend is dear old dad.
STARRING: Helli Louise, Gio Petre, Kim Evans, Don Spencer, Patty Wilson, Bill Beyn, Mary Vautin, Ross Stewart, Jim Mandell
DIRECTED BY: Joe Sarno, John Kain
WRITTEN BY: Ann Taylor
GENRE(S): Erotic
RUNTIME: (56 Min)
YEAR: 1970
Daddy Darling
Katja lives alone with her widowed father, and the two of them share a deep affection. One day Katja’s idyllic life is forever shattered when her father re-marries. When Katja witnesses daddy and stepmother in bed, the shocking spectacle sends Katja fleeing. Abandoned by all those dear to her, Katja plans to win back her father’s attentions by disgracing her stepmother. How will Katja do it, and how far will she go?
Daddy Darling
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