A young man with cystic fibrosis is struggling to live life to the fullest, but after a close friend dies, he goes on a journey the mans sister to deliver the friends ashes. Along the way the pair must overcome a few obstacles, but they come to discover the true meaning behind the seemingly ludicrous request.
STARRING: Max Thieriot (Jumper, Chloe), Laurence LeBoeuf (Durham County), Demián Bichir (A Better Life), Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead, Prison Break), Thomas Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, A Nightmare on Elmstreet), Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear, Whip-It), Matt Frewer (Watchmen)
PRODUCED BY: Aaron L. Gilbert, Christine Haebler, Trish Dolman
RUNTIME: (93 Min)
YEAR: 2012
In the spirit of Little Miss Sunshine, Foreverland is about dreams and the courage to pursue them.

We meet Will Rankin (Max Thieriot - Jumper, Chloe), in a funeral home, where a sympathetic mortician (Matt Frewer - Watchmen) allows Will to "test ride" a casket, when at the young age of 21, he should be out test driving a new car.   Will has a sardonic acceptance of his Cystic Fibrosis condition, that has paralyzed his future.

That is, until the death of his hospital mate and good friend Bobby (Thomas Dekker - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, A Nightmare on Elmstreet) leaves him a DVD will obliging Will to do him one last favor and pour his ashes into a pool in a rural Mexican village, a site of purported healing powers.  His mother (Sarah Wayne Callies - Walking Dead, Prison Break) gives him her never-ending support, and Will is joined by Bobby's sister Hannah (Laurence Leboeuf - Durham County).  Together, Will and Hannah embark on an epic journey down the Pacific Coast Highway to the desert heart of Baja, encountering a memorable cast of characters along the way (Demián Birchir - A Better Life and Juliette Lewis - Cape Fear, Whip-It).  

Will and Hannah confront their capacity for faith, healing and devotion.  Hope, tears, and laughter are just part of life’s small miracles.


Debbie Lynn Elias - http://moviesharkdeblore.com
A beautiful film to watch, both visually and emotionally, FOREVERLAND is filled with an emotional honesty that radiates through the story and the performances. Written and directed by Max McGuire, FOREVERLAND draws on McGuire's own story and experiences as a man living with cystic fibrosis, watching the clock of life rapidly tick down on a shortened time table. Contemplative. Reflective. Thoughtful. FOREVERLAND finds its footing early on and never slips.
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Jun 15, 2012
Linda Barnard - Toronto Star
"A movie about a journey both physical and emotional taken by a young man scared to his core about what lies ahead... These are the moments where Foreverland genuinely tugs at the heart and brings the tragedy and triumphs of dealing with an incurable illness to the fore."
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Oct 30, 2012
Anne Campbell - Film Gate Reviews
"some interesting emotional and psychological conflicts, not just physical ones, and there’s even a magical air to the film when we start thinking that maybe the healing shrine really is a healing shrine and not just a hole in the ground. “Foreverland” has some great dialogue with decent to excellent acting and some interesting things to think about at the end."
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Jun 15, 2012
James Adams - The Globe and Mail
"It’s an earnest, passionate piece of filmmaking, not least because McGuire himself has C.F. and started work on what is clearly a labour of love almost eight years ago, in his early 20s."
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