Erotic Witch Project 2
When beautiful college students Darian, Katie and Victoria disappeared in the Bacchusville woods - succumbing to the torrid lesbian powers of the mythical Erotic Witch - authorities believed they would never be found alive nor heterosexual! But this shocking, uncensored footage recorded at the Khan Institute for Mental Health documents the discovery of the erotically possessed Darian, her examination at the institute, and the spontaneous outbreak of sensual female lust and hot-tongued debauchery never before observed in the annals of psycho-sexual behavior.
STARRING: A.J. Khan, Darian Caine, Katie Jordan, Bill Hellfire, Rio, Allanah Rhodes, Michael Thomas, Jeff Faoro, Zack Snygg
DIRECTED BY: John Bacchus
PRODUCED BY: Joe Ned, Michael Beckerman
WRITTEN BY: John Bacchus
GENRE(S): Adventure, Comedy, Erotic, Fantasy, Horror
RUNTIME: (74 Min)
YEAR: 2000
Erotic Witch Project 2
Doctors, nurses, patients, and a probing tabloid reporter suddenly turned into writhing, panting, pleasure-soaked sex machines shamelessly acting out their steamiest female fantasies on one another…with no possible clinical explanation for these mysteriously induced erotic transformations. Can mass hysteria be to blame? Or does the answer lie in the sinister, yet seductive influence of the Erotic Witch ? The camera doesn't lie, so you be the judge.
Erotic Witch Project 2
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Color, Mono, Digital Video, 1.33:1
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