Colombian, The
Enchanted by the exotic world of emeralds, a modern day cowboy rebel embraces the rugged life and outsmarts his way through the last wild west frontier to become a legend.
STARRING: Eishy Hayata (author of “Emeralds of Colombia”/Kenzo Publishing), Lucho Velazco (Dona Barbara), Hiroko Hayata (The Air I Breathe)
DIRECTED BY: Andrew Molina
PRODUCED BY: Andrew Molina
GENRE(S): Action, Drama, Crime
RUNTIME: (92 Min)
YEAR: 2003
Colombian, The
One quiet man ventures to the exotic land of Colombia where disputes are settled with a gun and only the strong survive. Enchanted by the exotic world of Emeralds this Modern Day Cowboy embraces the rugged life becoming the King of South America and the enemy of the Cocaine Cartels. Watch him as he loves, outsmarts and shoots his way through the last Wild West Frontier to become a Legend. 
Colombian, The


- Village Voice
“Fascinating man, compelling life story. It’s not easy being a green warrior.”
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- Hollywood Reporter
“The film offers intriguing glimpses of the gentle people living in sharp contrast to the country's climate of violence. Its observations of local culture and the mountainous landscape are as green as the world's most valuable gemstones in Colombia.”
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Marta Barber - Miami Herald
“Engaging, the story of this Colombian cowboy deserved to be told.”
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