G-String Vampires
Sexy Janet Turner (Barbie Leigh) is a special agent for The Midnight Syndicate, an ancient organization dedicated to destroying vampires. She's been sent undercover to Miami to locate and eliminate a vampire infiltration in a sizzling South Beach strip club. But it's worse than she thought. Countess Dracula herself (Chante' Bey) has already seduced two of the dancers (Katie Ann Taylor and Brittany Prada), biting and sucking them into the world of the undead and she's not done. Outmatched, Turner runs, taking refuge in the home of sultry Helen Wells (Angel Marie Taylor). Turner and Helen become passionate lovers, exploring each other until Turner's boss, Deputy Chief Jenkins (Katrina Raey) arrives. But something's wrong. Instead of bringing Turner in, Jenkins seduces her in the shower and gives her quite a "love bite" in the process.
STARRING: Katrina Raey, Angel Marie, Taylor Chante Bey, Barbi Leigh
DIRECTED BY: Sean Thornton
PRODUCED BY: Michael Raso
GENRE(S): Erotic, Horror
RUNTIME: (105 Min)
YEAR: 2005
G-String Vampires
G-String Vampires
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