A History of Jazz: Oxygen for the Ears
Every jazz tune has a starting point - a simple note - from which the music starts its journey and rises. An emotional journey through historic and present-day jazz moments from the landmark of Washington, D.C. by many Grammy Award winning musicians.
STARRING: Esperanza Spalding, Dr. Billy Taylor, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ernie Watts, Eric Lewis, Thelonious Monk, Butch Warren, Chuchito Valdes
DIRECTED BY: Stefan Immler
PRODUCED BY: Cathy Abel, Stefan Immler, Tom Abel
GENRE(S): Jazz, Documentary
RUNTIME: (94 Min)
YEAR: 2012
A History of Jazz: Oxygen for the Ears
An award-winning documentary chronicling the rise of jazz music, its players, its followers, its past and what the future holds told from the landmark of Washington, D.C.  The film shows how jazz history was made and continues to be made in the capital today.

Through rare recordings and revealing interviews with jazz giants like Esperanza Spalding, Billy Taylor, Buck Hill, Butch Warren, Eric Lewis, Chuchito Valdes, among many others, Oxygen for the Ears: Living Jazz takes the viewers on an emotional journey through historic and present-day jazz moments.
A History of Jazz: Oxygen for the Ears


Mar 02, 2014
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