All Screwed Up
In a twist of fate the nerdy girl and the jock get their bodies swapped after being bitten by a beetle in a science experiment. Now right before the big game they have to figure out how to switch back, but it's not that easy when the nerdy girl likes all the attention she gets as the handsome jock.
STARRING: Chyna Layne (Precious, Cadillac Records), Allison Carter Thomas (Insidious, The Invisible Life of Thomas Lynch), Robert Haley (Smart People), Sara Lukasiewicz (American Lie, Femme Fatales), Adam Piacente (The Dark Knight Rises), Chris Bashinelli (The Sopranos, An Inconvenient Truth), Lewis Thompson (The Killing Machines)
DIRECTED BY: Neil Stephens
PRODUCED BY: Matthew J. Pellowski
GENRE(S): Comedy, Teen
RUNTIME: (98 Min)
YEAR: 2013
All Screwed Up
Teenisha is a socially awkward teen – highly smart, suffers from ADD and nerdy. It’s gotten so bad that she’s not just an outcast at school, but even in her own home! 

Whereas Pete is every girl and parent’s dream – star of the sports team, confident and homecoming King. What could these two have in common?  A whole lot more than they might think as Teenisha’s science experiment on an ancient African Beetle goes horribly wrong.   When the Beetle bites Pete — his soul and personality pass into Teenisha’s body! 

Now suddenly, this girl is a jock and the jock is a girl right before the Big Game! So just change it back right? But what happens when the science nerd likes being the Jock and doesn’t want to change back? Things get ALL SCREWED UP!
All Screwed Up
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Lise Romanoff and Adam Wright
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