Wicked Sister
Sisters Cynthia and Morgana (real-life sisters Misty & Chelsea Mundae) share a tense love/hate relationship that has reached its breaking point. Cynthia is sexually promiscuous, crass & flamboyant, Morgana – quiet & repressed. The accidental murder of a young woman sends them on a panic stricken journey with the dead body stuffed in the trunk. Heading for the hills in search of a burial site, they discover a deserted cabin...and a sexy femme fatale named Juli with a gun & a bizarre idea for some hot ultra-sensual "fun". Juli puts Cynthia & Morgana through a series of ever intensifying seductive tests with a mysterious beauty to determine how far each will go in the struggle to survive. Soon all secrets are revealed and all hell breaks loose in an orgy of uninhibited lesbian eroticism and kinky menace that pits female against female, prey against predator. It’s a game fraught with criminal danger & dark sexual appetites where only the strongest & naughtiest will make it out alive.
STARRING: Misty Mundae, Chelsea Mundae
GENRE(S): Erotic

YEAR: 2003
Wicked Sister
Wicked Sister
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