Confessions of a Young American Housewife
Carol (Rebecca Brooke) is a young happily married New Yorker, who enjoys being part of a swinging foursome with her husband and a befriended couple. One day Carol's widowed mother (Jennifer Welles) comes to stay in their house, but she is more on the conservative side and doesn't know about her partner-swapping daughter. Could she ever open up to this sexually open lifestyle?
STARRING: Rebecca Brooke, Arlana Blue, Erica Eaton, Lana Joyce, David Hausman, Eric Edwards, Chris Jordan, Jennifer Welles
DIRECTED BY: Joseph Sarno
WRITTEN BY: Joseph Sarno
GENRE(S): Erotic, Drama
RUNTIME: (105 Min)
YEAR: 1974
Confessions of a Young American Housewife
Carol (Rebecca Brooke), Anne, Eddie and Pete (Eric Edwards) are a swinging suburban quartet. Carol is married to Eddie and Anne to Pete, but that doesn’t stop them from swapping partners or initiating hot foursome sex at the drop of their panties. Enter Jennifer Robinson (Jennifer Welles) – Carol’s buttoned up mother, in town for a visit. Sporting a voluptuous body and dripping sensuous allure, Jennifer makes an immediate impression upon Pete, Anne and Eddie, who will stop at nothing to have their way with her – individually or in group session. Once Jennifer comes to terms with her daughter’s highly sexual lifestyle and lets go of her own inhibitions – look out! – no one will be safe from her erotic charms. Soon it becomes clear that mother and daughter have long-standing issues and an unspoken attraction between one another, which manifest themselves in the most shocking and taboo way. Who will end up with who, and how far will each go to satisfy his or her deepest and wildest sexual urges?
Confessions of a Young American Housewife
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Color, Mono, 35 mm
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