Titanic 2000
The luxury liner Titanic 2000 has set sail on its maiden voyage, and one of the passengers is the vampire Vladamina. Vladamina is searching for a woman she can turn into a vampire queen, and frustrated rock groupie Shari looks to be a perfect target. As various people get seduced and/or killed as the liner continues on its doomed voyage, Shari must chose between eternity as a living dead sex slave or a frigid grave at the bottom of the ocean
STARRING: Tammy Parks, Tina Krause, Elizabeth Cintron, Roxanne Michaels
DIRECTED BY: John Paul Fedele
PRODUCED BY: John Paul Fedele, Michael Raso
WRITTEN BY: Clancy Fitzsimmons, Michael Raso
GENRE(S): Comedy, Drama, Horror, Erotic
RUNTIME: (85 Min)
YEAR: 1999
Titanic 2000
The year is 2000...There's a brand spanking new Titanic...and this time it's guaranteed not to go down. Yeah, right! Deadly cargo has been stowed aboard Titanic 2000 in the form of a beautiful and voluptuous lesbian vampire named Vladamina, but she's not there for the shuffleboard and all-night buffet. With the help of her ghoulish henchmen, this gorgeous, well-endowed creature of the night is on the prowl for an eternal soulmate of the female persuasion, and come hell or high water, nothing will stop her! Amidst Vladamina's luscious seductions and sensuous encounters of the "naughty-cal" kind, it becomes abundantly clear that this Titanic is definitely a Ship of Fools.
Titanic 2000
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Color, 1.33:1
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