Caress Of The Vampire
At first just friends, their relationship moves closer and closer to the ultimate showdown when the vampire's erotic bloodlust and unearthly sexual cravings must be satisfied, at any cost. But will this profane consummation be achieved and evil rapture attained, or will the power of goodness and innocence triumph? Come feel the fevered stroke and fatal embrace of the undead as CARESS OF THE VAMPIRE presents the hottest, steamiest, most exotic vampire encounters ever witnessed, sure to induce many a pleasurable nightmare!
STARRING: Jessica English, Paulina Monet, Darien Price, Joe Moller, Moe Noodleman, Bryan Grey
DIRECTED BY: Frank Terranova
PRODUCED BY: Bob Gonzo, Frank Terranova, Michael Beckerman
GENRE(S): Horror, Erotic
RUNTIME: (75 Min)
YEAR: 1996
Caress Of The Vampire
There are some vampires that even Dr. Van Helsing had trouble putting the wood to - the stake, that is - and they are...LESBIAN VAMPIRES! Beautiful, sexy and voluptuous LESBIAN VAMPIRES, with bodies to die for! Their insatiable hunger and lust for one another is timeless and enduring - their passions, sensual and hot-blooded. To see them in the throes of animal ecstasy, their taut, writhing bodies engorged with nocturnal desire, is both frightening and arousing. CARESS OF THE VAMPIRE takes you into such a world as a drop dead gorgeous vampire sets her sights on the ripe young woman moving in next door, wishing to add this delectable mortal to her stable of eternal bedmates.
Caress Of The Vampire
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