Raiders of the Living Dead
A young boy invents a laser gun which he uses to fight zombies that are invading his town from a local abandoned prison.
YEAR: 1987
John Russo writer of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD wrote and directed this chilling tale of an evil sacrificial cult killing young women.
YEAR: 1982
Doctor Dracula
Count Dracula meets Svengali in a battle of evil between the two masters of the undead. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1982
Cinderella 2000
Musical satire of the classic fairy tale set on another planet with robots, crazy machines and a world looking for love. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1980
Nurse Sherri
When a man dies in an operation he possesses one of the nurses to kill all of the operating doctors. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1978
Story of the first girl on her high school football team being stopped by rough young gangs. Screen debuts James Spader and Estelle Getty.
YEAR: 1978
Murder Gang, The
YEAR: 1977
Naughty Stewardesses, The
Four sexy flight attendants mix men and exotic locales in their fast lifestyles. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1975
Hands of Blood
Two sultry sisters seduce men to murder them in a creepy old mansion and bury the bodies out on a lonely farm.
YEAR: 1975
Dynamite Brothers, The
An Asian fighter and a black boxer team up to take on the crime syndicate and drug lords of the underworld. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1975
Blazing Stewardesses
Three wild flight attendants go west and encounter hooded killers, a zany brothel and fast action men. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1975
Masters of Martial Arts
The best fighters are chosen to meet in a violent competition in the style of ENTER THE DRAGON.
YEAR: 1974
Mean Mother
When a man dies in an operation he possesses one of the nurses to kill all of the operating doctors. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1972
Horror of the Blood Monsters
Scientists make a space flight to a strange planet of vampire men and prehistoric beasts and meet disaster An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1972
Angels' Wild Women
A tough girl gang leaves their biker boyfriends to take out after a lurid murder cult that killed one of their group. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1972
Graveyard of Horror
A doctor digs up a buried monster and sets loose a rampage of gory brutality against all who would oppose him.
YEAR: 1971
Brain of Blood
A scientist puts the brain of a monster into a dictator's skull and uses it to control him for an evil blood-bath rampage. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1971
Blood of Ghastly Horror
Crazed scientists use artificial brain components and living zombies as their means of dominating their enemies. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1971
Five Bloody Graves
Lusty women traveling west are attacked by a band of marauders as a famous outlaw comes to their rescue. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1970
Hell's Bloody Devils
A new neo-nazi party uses motorcycle gang members to wipe out everyone in their way of dominating a crime syndicate. An AL ADAMSON Cult Classic!
YEAR: 1970
Female Animal
A young girl becomes a millionaire's plaything in a world of wild parties and exotic lifestyle.
YEAR: 1970
Blood of the Vampires
A mother cursed by vampirism transmits this plague to her family who become evil creatures of the night lusting for blood.
YEAR: 1970
Beast of Blood
A mad doctor removes a horrible creature's head and keeps it alive in his lab apart from the body, which can kill on its own.
YEAR: 1970
Mission to Death
An American patrol attacks a Nazi radar installation in occupied France after batting through many encounters in the French countryside.
YEAR: 1969
Mad Doctor of Blood Island
A deranged scientist turns a man into a green-blooded monster that sets out on a rampage of gruesome murders.
YEAR: 1969
Brides of Blood
Nuclear radiation turns a man into a hideous creature with a lust to devour young women that the island natives sacrifice to him.
YEAR: 1968
Chaplin's Art of Comedy
The early career of the great screen comedian. Restored from original film elements.
YEAR: 1967
Blood Drinkers, The
A vampire doctor uses his evil skills to bring his dead lover back to life, as he creates a world of living blood-mad fiends.
YEAR: 1966
Ravagers, The
Hidden gold in the Philippines during WWII leads to military attacks and brutality against captured guerillas.
YEAR: 1965
Walls of Hell, The
During World War II in the Philippines, American troops and local guerillas fight for their lives in the ancient walled city of Intramuros.
YEAR: 1964
Raiders of Leyte Gulf
Guerillas in the Philippines fight to liberate their country as they await the return of General MacArthur.
YEAR: 1964
Blood of the Zombie
A woman becomes a voodoo priestess who uses her evil skills to summon her dead brother to life as a living corpse that kills the innocent.
YEAR: 1960
Terror Is A Man
A doctor turns a panther into a man that emerges as a savage monster.
YEAR: 1959
Scavengers, The
In the dark streets of Hong Kong at night a man searches for his lost wife, only to find her not to be the innocent lady he thought she was.
YEAR: 1958
Tigers Claw, The
A savage tiger attacks its trainer during a performance very much like the actual event in Las Vegas with Siegfried and Roy.
YEAR: 1956
Action-packed true story of the last primitive days of the congo showing the hunting of huge gorillas and tribes fighting for their lives.
YEAR: 1950
Scarlet Letter, The
Nathaniel Hawthorne's great epic novel of lust and infidelity on screen in a spectacular production. Special restored verison by the UCLA Television & Film Archive.
YEAR: 1934
Voice From The Grave
A women sent to the electric chair comes back to life to accuse those who have condemned her. Special restored verison by the UCLA Television & Film Archive.
YEAR: 1933
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