An unhappily married young woman plots to steal the unborn baby of her single and pregnant next door neighbor by befriending her and waiting for the right time to act.
STARRING: Misty Mundae, Erika Smith, Ronnie Kerr
DIRECTED BY: Tony Marsiglia
GENRE(S): Horror, Drama, Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (73 Min), YEAR: 2006
Sin Sisters
The murder of a young woman sends two sisters on a panic-stricken journey into the lair of a sexy and mysterious woman.
STARRING: Misty Mundae, Chelsea Mundae, Julian Wells
DIRECTED BY: Tony Marsiglia
PRODUCED BY: Michael Raso
GENRE(S): Erotic, Thriller, Drama
RUNTIME: (80 Min), YEAR: 2003
Flesh For Olivia
Olivia, a beautiful hooker under the influence of the violent and degenerate pimp Claudio, uses her charms to seduce young women so Claudio can film them. Things take a turn for the worse when Melody, one of Olivia's willing "victims", suddenly disappears one day. Her roommate Alice fears that she may be next.
STARRING: Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, A.J. Khan, Cherry Moonshine
DIRECTED BY: William Hellfire
PRODUCED BY: Cherry Moonshine, Michael Beckerman
GENRE(S): Drama, Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (74 Min), YEAR: 2002
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