Skin Crawl
300 years ago, a coven of persecuted witches swore a gruesome curse of vengeance upon any person who would dare harm its descendants. Three centuries later, a direct relative of those witches named Margaret is brutally murdered, victim of her husband's cold-blooded plot to inherit her wealth.
STARRING: Julian Wells, Kevin G. Shinnick, Debbie Rochon
DIRECTED BY: Justin Wingenfeld
WRITTEN BY: Justin Wingenfeld
GENRE(S): Horror
RUNTIME: (75 Min)
YEAR: 2007
Skin Crawl
In the late 17th century, a family of witches is terrorized by a corrupt public official. When their sister is murdered, the remaining two put on a curse on their bloodline, bringing horrible retribution to anyone who victimizes any member of their family, no matter how many generations away. Three hundred years later, their last descendant is a wealthy woman stuck in an unhappy marriage. Her husband and his mistress decide to have her killed to get at her money, unaware of the curse and the forces of darkness that they are about to unleash.
Skin Crawl
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Color, 1.33:1
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