Flight of the Monarch Butterfly
Follow the amazing journey of the Monarch Butterfly as it takes it's yearly migration from Canada to Mexico. Watch the females deposit eggs for the next generation as no single butterfly makes the entire round trip as they only live 2 - 8 weeks.
STARRING: Narrated by Glen McCready and Felix Wurgler
DIRECTED BY: Benjamin Eicher, Timo Joh Mayer
PRODUCED BY: Benjamin Eicher, Los Banditos Films GmbH
GENRE(S): Nature, 3D
RUNTIME: (35 Min)
YEAR: 2012
Flight of the Monarch Butterfly
A tender stroke of wing, an abundance of luminous colors, the beauty and grace of the butterfly has always had a tremendous appeal among young and old alike. The Monarch Butterfly is among the ranks of the most mysterious and fascinating insects on our planet.

Accompany these blissful living beings on their incredible journey and delve into the myth that encompasses them. Shot in stereoscopic 3D, allowing the viewer to have a first hand experience of the glorious Monarch Butterfly - a worth while experience for the whole family.
Flight of the Monarch Butterfly
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Master Format: 3D/ HD

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