Mercedes-Benz, Fascination: The History of
Progressive technology & exceptional design along with the passion to build the best automobiles in the world define Mercedes-Benz. Take a ride through history and see how the inventions of Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz changed the world of engineering and automotive feats. With sensational never-been-seen exclusive footage from the Daimler Chrysler archives, this program is bound to thrill historians and motoring enthusiasts.
GENRE(S): Cars, History, Technology
RUNTIME: (6 x 1 hr)
YEAR: 2006
Mercedes-Benz, Fascination: The History of

For Mercedes-Benz, the future of the automobile not only began

a hundred years ago with its invention, but starts anew with the

launch of each model. Since 1886, the vehicles with the star

have marked every epoch of automobile production with

countless groundbreaking innovations.


Progressive technology and exceptional design along with the

passion to build the best automobiles in the world define the

reputation of Mercedes-Benz.


With over 270 minutes of film material, the DVD “Fascination

of Mercedes-Benz” documents its entire product history.

The legendary automobiles of Mercedes-Benz are presented in

over 60 exciting, action-packed film clips.


Plus sensational never-before-seen footage from the treasure

vault of the DaimlerChrysler archive is exclusively on this DVD.


„Fascination of Mercedes-Benz“ was made in co-operation with

the DaimlerChrysler company archive.



DVD 1:

• The early years: Daimler and Benz

• Merger to Daimler-Benz AG

• Reconstruction and economic wonder

• On the growth path

• Historical Motor Sport


DVD 2:

• The New Generation

• The  Mercedes-Benz Product Offensive

• Research- and Experimental Vehicles

• Safety Milestones

• The New Mercedes-Benz Museum    
Mercedes-Benz, Fascination: The History of
Mercedes-Benz, Fascination: The History of_Eps 001
It is the birth of a global enterprise. At the start of the 20th century, two engine construction buffs, Gottfried Daimler and Carl Benz, write a new chapter in the history of the automobile. In this episode we will deal with the car models in this initial stage, the start of a brilliant development in the sign of the star. Find out what grand vehicles are behind the names: “Nürnberg“ or “Stuttgart”. Experience how the brand Mercedes-Benz became world-famous.

Mercedes-Benz, Fascination: The History of_Eps 002
It is the post-war and reconstruction era in Germany. In Episode 2, the history of the brand “Mercedes-Benz“ continues to unfold. It is now the famous models “Ponton”, “Pagode” or “Pullmann” that bear the star. And the era of the famous roadsters and coupes. Automobiles master class with the 300 SEL. New engine models also bring legendary success in motor sports. The name “Silberpfeil“ was established in 1936 and to this day is the name of the Formula 1- super racing cars by Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz, Fascination: The History of_Eps 003
Epiosde III and the new generation. It is the era of flower power and social revolution In the 1960s and 70s, the brand Mercedes-Benz evolves into a leading automobile manufacturer and expands its product range, inter alia also the legendary “Strich 8”. A miracle with regard to economy and durability that is soon at home all over the world. The S-class becomes the name of an independent model series. Even today, the most successful vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz brand are behind the model series 107-123.

Mercedes-Benz, Fascination: The History of_Eps 004
A new era starts for the Mercedes-Benz brand in the 1980s. It is the era of new models: Mercedes- Benz starts an aggressive product campaign. In Episode IV we will deal with the new A-class and the C-class, from the Compact-Class to the new sport coupes. Today, many of the vehicles already belong to the youngtimers. And they are loved and cared for. And the stakes are good for Mercedes-Benz lovers. Because Mercedes keeps necessary spare parts on stock for all vehicles which have come off the assembly line since the start of mass production. It is thus one of the few enterprises that makes such enormous efforts to preserve automobile history.

Mercedes-Benz, Fascination: The History of_Eps 005
The aggressive product campaign at Mercedes-Benz continues in Episode 5, namely with the models of the Eclass, CLK-coupes, CLK-convertible and of the M-class. The customers’ demands have changed. The hallmark of this era are the many technical developments. Comfortable driving, optimum safety, mobile entertainment-the foundation for all these were laid here. Mercedes-Benz holds many patents that are standard today such as the airbag or safety systems. Find out more about the start of the “New Era”“.

Mercedes-Benz, Fascination: The History of_Eps 006
Episode VI marks the zenith of the most recent history of Mercedes-Benz. Everyone simply turns their head for cars such as CLS or the SLR McLaren. They are the pearls of the last product campaign at the turn of the millenium. SL and SLK are the pets of the high society worldwide. The roadsters and coupes still bear the mark of the founders and their desire for comfort, beauty, speed and safety. They made it. Today, the star shines on to stand for unique masterpiece automobiles.

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