Irresistible Impulse
A desperate salesman reluctantly teams up with a beautiful femme fatale to close a big sale. After a hot love affair, and an unsolved murder, she sets him up to take a fall.
STARRING: Doug Jeffrey (Born Champion, Lola's Game), Lee Ann Beaman (Starved, Other Woman), Kathy Shower (Love Letters)
DIRECTED BY: Jag Mundhra
PRODUCED BY: Jag Mundhra, Victor Bhalla
WRITTEN BY: George Ferris, Peter Foldy
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (106 Min)
YEAR: 1996
Irresistible Impulse
Richard Lovejoy, once a hot shot real estate agent, has now fallen on hard times. Desperate, he begs his boss for a lead and is sent to the mansion of a rich widow, Mrs. Wetherby, who's ready to invest her fortune if Richard would prove the worth of his last name "Lovejoy". After a wild round of love making, Richard goes to the bathroom. When he returns, he discovers her dead. Panicked, he forges her signature on a deposit check and turns it in at the office. Next morning, an extremely nervous Richard is informed that Mrs. Wetherby is waiting for him in the conference room. He is confronted by an impostor, named Jeannine Miller. As Mrs. Wetherby's personal assistant, she blackmails him into forging more checks to remove a fortune from her boss's bank account. Unable to resist her temptations, he finds himself getting deeper and deeper into her trap. Will he be able to pull himself out of this quicksand in time or be pulled in even deeper?
Irresistible Impulse
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