Tainted Love
A desperate attraction. A beautiful homicide cop goes undercover in the steamy world of modeling to catch a serial killer and becomes enmeshed in a torrid affair with the prime suspect.
STARRING: Lee Ann Beaman (Starved, Other Woman), Doug Jeffery (Born Champion, Lola's Game), Granville Ames
DIRECTED BY: Jag Mundhra
PRODUCED BY: Jag Mundhra, Victor Bhalla
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (93 Min)
YEAR: 1995
Tainted Love
LAPD detective Sara Baldwin investigates a series of killings where women are found tied up naked in their beds having been strangled. A common link is found in that they are all models and belong to the same health club. Sara volunteers to go undercover at the health club but is turned down by her captain because she is too unfeminine. And so she undergoes a dazzling makeover. In the club, she soon gets a modelling job with photographer Franz Ritter. She also meets and is wooed by the handsome clothing designer Michael Madison. As she finds herself falling for Michael, her partner gathers evidence that makes Michael the chief suspect in the murders.
Tainted Love
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Master Format: SD

Dubbed Versions: French

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