Shark in a Bottle
An unhappy postal worker is programmed to kill, but fails his first assignment. Now, he must stop his current employers or die trying.
STARRING: Ben Gazzara (Anatomy of A Murder, Thomas Crowne Affair), Danny Nucci (Titantic, The Rock), Hiep Thi Le (Cruel Intentions, Heaven & Earth)
DIRECTED BY: Mark Anthony Little
PRODUCED BY: Michael A. Candela, Richard Mann
WRITTEN BY: Ed Horowitz
GENRE(S): Action, Comedy
RUNTIME: (94 Min)
YEAR: 1999
Shark in a Bottle
Life takes a strange turn for bumbling Guy Normal (Danny Nucci) when he and a friend decide to quit their dead-end postal jobs. As they turn in their uniforms, Guys friend goes Postal and kills everyone in sight leaving only the security camera to record Guy running away. Now accused of murders he didn't commit, Guy tries to flee the country, only to be spotted at the airport. The law is on his tail and Guy has nowhere to run. To add to Guys troubles, he is recruited by a high-priced assassination organization run by The Arranger (Ben Gazzara). They make Guy their test subject, erase his memory, and train him to be a ruthless killer. Guy fails his first assignment to kill an innocent man. Confused, he turns to a young employee (Hiep Thi Le) for help. Guy wants out, she wants out. To save them both, Guy must take on the assassins, and beat the murder rap or die trying.
Shark in a Bottle
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Master Format: SD

Dubbed Versions: Spanish (N)

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