One Hell of a Guy
When a handsome devil (Rob Lowe), tries to corrupt a living angel (Alexandra Powers), it becomes one hell of a time.
STARRING: Rob Lowe (West Wing, Contact, St. Elmo's Fire), Michael York (Austin Powers), Alexandra Powers (Dead Poet's Society)
DIRECTED BY: James David Pasternak
PRODUCED BY: Michael A. Candela, Richard Mann
GENRE(S): Romantic Comedy
RUNTIME: (97 Min)
YEAR: 1999
One Hell of a Guy
The Devil (Michael York) sends his favorite Demon, Nick (Rob Lowe), to corrupt the soul of puritanical Cassie (Alexandra Powers). As hard as Nick tries to please the devil by turning Cassie into an evil person, he discovers his past and can’t help falling in love.
One Hell of a Guy
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Master Format: SD

Dubbed Versions: German, Spanish (N)

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