Smokin' Stogies
The Mob, the FBI and a group of drug dealers end up in a race through the hot streets of Miami in search of $1 million dollars worth of smuggled Cuban cigars.
STARRING: Tony Sirico (The Sopranos), Frank Vincent (GoodFellas) and Joe Marino (Price of Greed)
DIRECTED BY: Vincent Di Rosa
PRODUCED BY: Eileen Garcia di Rosa
WRITTEN BY: Vincent Di Rosa
GENRE(S): Action, Comedy, Crime
RUNTIME: (98 Min)
YEAR: 2001
Smokin' Stogies
When ruthless New York mob boss Tony Batts (TONY SIRICO) sends his trusted capo Vinnie Marscone (JOE MARINO)  to Miami to trace $1 Million in smuggled, but now missing, Cuban Cohiba cigars, things start to heat up.

The Mob in Miami are also trying to help Vinnie find the missing Havanas. Marscone is led on wild chases, kidnapped, and held at gunpoint. With a fast boat, a beautiful blonde and a narcotics sniffing ex-U.S. Customs dog named “Bruno”, Vinnie tries to save the cigars and his life.  

So who has the cigars?  The drug dealers, the FBI, and the Mob are all part of this hilarious, unpredictable adventure through the hot streets of Miami. "Smokin' Stogies" is a movie where anyone can get killed... but no one gets hurt!
Smokin' Stogies
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