Chainsaw Sally
Long after the sun has set in Porterville, the still of the night is shattered by the screams of a chainsaw…and the cries of flesh-ripping punishment.
STARRING: Gunnar Hansen, Herschell Gordon Lewis, April Monique Burril, Mark Redfield, Alec Joseph, David R. Calhoun, Kristen Hudson, Aaron Martinek, Brad Smoley, Jennifer Rouse, Lesley Vernot
DIRECTED BY: Tony Marsiglia
PRODUCED BY: Michael Raso
WRITTEN BY: Tony Marsiglia
GENRE(S): Comedy, Horror, Classic
RUNTIME: (83 Min)
YEAR: 2004
Chainsaw Sally
At the age of ten, Sally Diamon witnessed the brutal murder of her parents. Alone in the world, she raised her little brother as best she could, haunted by nightmarish memories of the killings and savoring an ever-growing taste for revenge. Sally is now a quiet young woman - timid and harmless most locals would say. But they don't know a thing about Sally, who is obsessed with the gruesome images of violence, torture and retribution. Sally might live the life of a small town librarian by day, yet she is something completely different by night. And the night is coming and the hunt will begin afresh, with Chainsaw Sally acting as judge, jury and bloody executioner of those who are evil in her eyes.
Chainsaw Sally
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Color, Stereo, Digital, 1.78 : 1
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