Sex: A Lifelong Pleasure - Shared Sexual Pleasures
This exciting series from the Sinclair Intimacy Institute is the perfect antidote to sexual boredom and inhibition. Designed to help couples keep sex interesting and satisfying through all the years of a relationship, the LIFELONG PLEASURE Series if full of tips for putting some fire back into a romance. Sex therapist Goedele Liekens and Dr. Michael Perry guide viewers through several explicit demonstrations in which actual couples try out the prescribed techniques. As the experts explain ways to make sex exciting again, viewers will grow eager to try out the methods in their own bedrooms. The third volume of the series, SHARED SEXUAL PLEASURES combines the lessons of the previous two volumes to show how couples can achieve shared pleasure. The methods here are intended to bring both members of a relationship increased pleasure. They include sensual and genital massage, how to climax together, how to make an erection and orgasm last, masturbation, and exciting new sexual positions.
STARRING: Goedele Liekens, Dr. Michael Perry
GENRE(S): Sex Ed
RUNTIME: (50 min)
YEAR: 2008
Sex: A Lifelong Pleasure - Shared Sexual Pleasures
Sex: A Lifelong Pleasure - Shared Sexual Pleasures
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