A girl's night out started innocently... then things got out of control. Meg must fight the legal system to prove she√Ęs been raped, and in the process conquer her own insecurities.
STARRING: Carla Gugino (Watchmen, Night At The Museum), Rya Kihlstedt (Deep Impact), Christopher McDonald (Nurse Betty), Anna Thomson (The Unforgiven)
DIRECTED BY: Caryn Krooth
PRODUCED BY: Caryn Krooth, Wendy Olinger
GENRE(S): Thriller, Drama, Crime
RUNTIME: (95 Min)
YEAR: 1997
An exciting and provocative exploration of gender, sexuality, violence, and self-realization - - directed, written, and produced by women - - presented in a way that has never been seen on film before. JADED is the story of Meg Harris (CARLA GUGINO, “Chicago Hope,” “Snake Eyes,” “Spin City”), a loner and outcast in a small town, who is brought to the spotlight by a way of a brutal and violent rape.

It is a tale we have all heard before, but not like this. Meg was not raped by a man, but by two women, and now must face an archaic legal system. Jaded deals with a very controversial subject… Should the statutes for sex crimes be gender neutral?

Meg meets Pat (RYA KIHLSTEDT, “Deep Impact”) and Alex (ANNA THOMSON, “Unforgiven”) at Jack’s bar. Extra rounds of drinks provided by bar proprietor Jack (CHRISTOPHER MCDONALD, “Veronica’s Closet,” “Thelma & Louise,” “Family Law”), and dancing lead to a casual stroll to the beach and a midnight swim. But what starts innocently, soon gets out of control...Pat and Alex brutally beat and rape Meg.

Meg determined to fight for her human rights, decides to go to court. Alex’s controlling husband, afraid of losing his “baby” to a jail sentence, threatens Meg. Jack will do anything to protect his friends Pat and Alex, including lie in court. And to complicate matters, Meg must also confront an abusive past, which would ultimately be used against her. Determined to conquer her own insecurities, and move forward with her life, Meg is willing to go the distance.
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Master Format: SD

Dubbed Versions: German, Spanish (C)

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