Sox: A Family's Best Friend
When two families come together by marriage, the new brothers struggle to unite and are eventually brought together by a magical dog named Sox.
STARRING: David Deluise (Wizards of Waverly Place, Vampires Suck), Aidan Potter (Playing For Keeps), Jamison Haase (Sugar & Spice)
DIRECTED BY: Jason Horton
PRODUCED BY: Ashley Noel, Veronica Rodriguez
GENRE(S): Family, Adventure, Animals
RUNTIME: (85 Min)
YEAR: 2013
Sox: A Family's Best Friend
The Levy family is just starting their new life together, but there seems to be something missing.  The boys, Jesse and Liam, are not getting along and their mom (Ashley Noel) doesn’t know what to do.  Their situation get worse when their dad (Jamison Haase) has to leave town on a business trip. 

Just when things seem hopeless, the boys Uncle Nick (David Deluise) comes to visit and brings with him Sox, a small adorable dog.  The family soon discovers that Sox is not your typical pooch and is in high demand. 

As it turns out, Sox holds certain powers and the local dogcatcher and a mysterious F.B.D.I. (Federal Bureau of Dog Investigation) will stop at nothing to get their hands on this rare and valuable K9.
Sox: A Family's Best Friend
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