8 Ways to Spice it Up
Viewers learn how to re-engage their sensual and sexual imaginations as loving couples demonstrate exploring toys, experimenting with new positions, massage, getting out of the bedroom, stimulating the G spot, as well as anal, oral, and sensory play. Perfect to jump start any sex life mentally and physically!
GENRE(S): Sex Ed
RUNTIME: (45 min)
YEAR: 2008
8 Ways to Spice it Up
For many couples, talking about sex is not easy.  Sinclair instructional films, produced in collaboration with leading sex educators, therapists, and doctors, provide the most accurate, up-to-date sexual health information available today, and they help facilitate a sometimes difficult conversation with your partner about sexual needs and desires.  Watching these videos together is also a fun way to stimulate new ideas you and your partner can explore.  

There is an old saying that the biggest sex organ is our brain.  If that’s true sex really does lie deep in our imagination, if making love has as much to do with emotion and desire as it does with our physical selves – then what do we do when we run out of ideas? How do we spice things up when we’ve been there. done that?
8 Ways to Spice it Up
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Dubbed Versions: French, Spanish (N)

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