Better Oral Sex Techniques
Oral sex, the most sensual of all love play, is raised to an art form in Better Oral Sex Techniques. Sex experts Dr. Marty Klein and Dr. Diana Wiley will help the viewer discover the simple techniques that can help them locate their lover’s hot spots and learn how to experiment comfortably. Explicit demonstrations of tips on the best positions, pressure and timing.
GENRE(S): Sex Ed
RUNTIME: (60 min)
YEAR: 2002
Better Oral Sex Techniques
Of all the pleasurable ways to enjoy sensual intimacy, oral sex may provide the most intense sensations.  It can also be the deepest and most loving moments a couple can experience because it demands a level of trust rarely found elsewhere in lovemaking.  To some couples, it's the ultimate expression of love. 

This program has been designed to introduce you to the many ways you can enjoy oral sex.  You and your partner will learn new techniques to improve and enhance your sensual pleasures and also reinvigorate the excitement of your sexual relationship. 

Also, two well-known sex therapists, Diana Wiley and Dr. Marty Klein will give some valuable professional advice on oral sex.  You'll see it all in "Better Oral Sex Techniques."
Better Oral Sex Techniques
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Sub-titled Versions: Spanish (N)

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