Trouble on the Corner
In a city tenement building, a psychologist confuses his patient's bizarre problems with his own.
STARRING: Tony Goldwyn (Ghost), Debi Mazar (GoodFellas), Edi Falco (Sopranos), Tammy Grimes, Joe Morton
DIRECTED BY: Alan Madison
PRODUCED BY: Alan Madison, Diane Kolyer
WRITTEN BY: Alan Madison
GENRE(S): Thriller, Comedy, Film Noir
RUNTIME: (114 Min)
YEAR: 1998
Trouble on the Corner
A wild and wicked tale of psychology gone awry. Jeff (Tony Goldwyn), a troubled therapist, suffers a breakdown when he spys on his sexy neighbor Ericca (Debi Mazar), a beautiful model that rollerblades around her apartment in red gloves and kimono. When he confuses his erotically bizarre patients' most perverse neuroses with his own, the fine line between reality and fantasy erodes with lethal consequences. Darkly comedic, Trouble and the Corner takes you into the depths of one man's descent into madness and races toward the murderous conclusion of this tale of a modern urban nightmare.
Trouble on the Corner
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Dubbed Versions: Spanish (N)

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