Time to Revenge, A
Greed runs rampant and passions run hot, in this action-packed, modern-day western about a young rancher who vows to avenge his dad's murder.
STARRING: Ken Olandt (Falcon Down, T.N.T.), Julie Michaels, Paul Gleason (Die Hard), Leslie Ryan, William O'Leary (Hot Shots) Directed by: John Harwood Produced by: Dale Gibson Written by: Dale Gibson and John Harwood
DIRECTED BY: John Harwood
PRODUCED BY: Dale Gibson
WRITTEN BY: Dale Gibson, John Harwood
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (97 Min)
YEAR: 1997
Time to Revenge, A
Back in Vietnam, Major Whittmar (Paul Gleason) sold out his comrades to save his own skin. Now, he's a rich, ruthless land baron who's getting richer by squeezing out or killing off his neighbors. But when he and his cronies murder a rancher who threatens to expose them, the man's son, Will (Ken Olandt), swears vengeance. However, Will has a "history" with the Whittmar family. Several years ago, his first love, Tiffany Whittmar died tragically, and now he has fallen for her seductive, insatiable sister Tami (Julie Michaels). Can Will avenge his father's death without losing the woman he loves? Saddle up for this sexy, action-packed, modern-day Western that takes the law into its own hands!
Time to Revenge, A
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