Coral Reef
In between the thousands of islands of Indonesia is a remote natural paradise that hosts an incredibly diverse marine life - in fact it is the most species rich environment on our planet.
DIRECTED BY: Timo Joh Mayer
PRODUCED BY: Timo Joh Mayer
GENRE(S): Nature
RUNTIME: (52 Min)
YEAR: 2013
Coral Reef
This is the Island World of Raja Ampat. It is located in the border region of four adjacent continental plates, and in between various currents and numerous volcanoes. This unique location provides the basis for the creation of an immense diversity and richness in species that brings forth new life forms every year.

Join us on this spectacular journey through the fascinating island territory - accompany us on our way through the coral reefs and experience the irresistible power of attraction of this underwater world.

Included EXTRA 14 Min. of Diving Operations footage.
Coral Reef
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Master Format: 3D/ HD

Dubbed Versions: German

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