Threat of Exposure
Dr. Daryl Sheleigh is a psychotherapist whose clients have begun to mysteriously disappear. Badger Welldon, working undercover, poses as a patient while looking for clues, as the therapy progresses boundaries are broken. Disturbing secrets from Badger's past emerge and a compelling bond develops between them. As Badger's feelings deepen so does the chilling evidence against her.
STARRING: Sean Young, William Devane, Will Schaub
PRODUCED BY: Dennis Fallon
WRITTEN BY: Frederick Bailey, Jenö Hodi, Frank Kosa, Dan Mirvish, Nancy Sullivan
GENRE(S): Thriller, Erotic
RUNTIME: (90 Min)
YEAR: 2007
Threat of Exposure
This intense psychological thriller challenges you to determine who's behind the disappearance of four men and the murder of a young woman. The police suspect beautiful psychotherapist Dr. Daryl Sheleigh (Sean Young). Her newest patient, Badger Weldon (Will Schaub), a troubled ex-boxer turned undercover cop, also suspects her. His brother is one of the missing men. When Sheleigh's hypnosis takes him back in time, he relives painful memories of his father, Colonel Weldon (William Devane). Badger falls in love with the beautiful Sheleigh, and as the relationship between them deepens, the chilling evidence against her mounts, leading to an explosive conclusion.
Threat of Exposure
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