Chainsaw Sally
Long after the sun has set in Porterville, the still of the night is shattered by the screams of a chainsaw…and the cries of flesh-ripping punishment.
STARRING: Gunnar Hansen, Herschell Gordon Lewis, April Monique Burril, Mark Redfield, Alec Joseph, David R. Calhoun, Kristen Hudson, Aaron Martinek, Brad Smoley, Jennifer Rouse, Lesley Vernot
DIRECTED BY: Tony Marsiglia
PRODUCED BY: Michael Raso
GENRE(S): Comedy, Horror, Classic
RUNTIME: (83 Min), YEAR: 2004
Erotic Witch Project
November 1999. Three gorgeous college girls entered the woods of Bacchusville, New Jersey, in search of the legendary Erotic Witch. With cameras in hand documenting their every footstep and discovery, Katie, Darian and Victoria were unafraid of the Witch's ultra-sexy supernatural powers and sensual spells. After all, the girls had left their boyfriends behind. What erotic "harm" could possibly befall them? Two weeks later their footage was found. It presented authorities with the hottest, naughtiest, most unbelievable lesbian encounters ever witnessed. Three normal, All-American girls suddenly turned into gasping, lustful, uninhibited vixens - each one satisfying herself and the others in the most delicious and delectable ways. Surely sinful, undeniable proof of the Erotic Witch's seductive existence.
STARRING: Darian Caine, Katie Keane, Victoria Vega, James Magee, John Link, Jeffrey Faoro, Michael Raso, Zack Snygg, Joe Ned
DIRECTED BY: John Bacchus
PRODUCED BY: Michael Beckerman
GENRE(S): Adventure, Comedy, Erotic, Fantasy, Horror, Classic
RUNTIME: (78 Min), YEAR: 2000
Splatter Farm
Twin brothers Alan and Joseph spend the summer visiting their Aunt Lacey at her secluded, run-down property where some family secrets refuse to stay buried . . .
STARRING: Todd Smith, John Polonia, Mark Polonia
DIRECTED BY: John Polonia, Mark Polonia, Todd Smith
GENRE(S): Classic, Horror
RUNTIME: (70 min), YEAR: 1987
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